Monday, June 29, 2009

It's About Time!

Hello, everybody! Sorry it's taken so long since my last post. I honestly think about writing, but then another week passes. I was looking at this tonight and the kids look SO LITTLE! I decided I had to post some new pictures and let you know what we've been up to.

Like everyone else, we've been really busy, but here are the main reasons I've been absent:

- I returned to school in late May. I started with 12 credits but realized it was too much in addition to working full-time and having two busy boys. So I'm currently still taking 6 credits (online) and will be done the first week of August. I'm studying Elementary Education. The original plan was for me to go full-time to ISU in the fall (hence the 12 credits) but we scrapped that for Plan B. I will try to take part-time classes through a UNI-DMACC program instead.

- Sam turned THREE on May 28!! We had many celebrations for our biggest boy. First, G&G Edmondson brought him a new bike on Memorial Day. (And he LOVES to ride his new bike; thank you G&G E!) His actual birthday was on a Thursday so we ate doughnuts in the morning and he took cupcakes to daycare -- where they made him a special hat and sang "Happy Birthday". That night, Brian, Jake and I took him to Happy Joes to celebrate. He got to play one of his favorite games -- skeeball! He picked out -- imagine this -- a pink baseball bat with his tickets. Then we had a party in conjunction with Scandinavian Days with the rest of the family. Here is a picture of his party at our house and the cake Brian and I made for him. We had so much fun making it!! Thanks to everyone who helped to make his third birthday so memorable. He loves all his presents and can't get enough of his baseballs, bats, and bike!

- We went to Osage Beach at the end of May/first part of June. We had lots of fun with G&G Edmondson, Connie, Kirk and Lukas. Those boys were inseparable and had a blast together. And we even found an arcade with $.10 skeeball!!!!

- We bought an acreage. And I use the word 'acreage' loosely. We bought a little more than three acres of land with a house on it. And the word 'house' may or may not describe the property that sits on the land. It is going to take A LOT of work. A. LOT. We are estimating that nobody has lived there for about four years. Unless you count cats, raccoons and other varmints. We are currently assessing whether or not it's salvagable to rent out until we have the time/energy/money/etc. to bulldoze it. In the meantime it's a nice place to have a campfire. If we cut the 8-foot weeds.

- We went to Omaha last week. Brian had some work meetings, so Sam and I tagged along. Jake got to go to G&G Knoll's. It was fun to have some one-on-one time with Sammy D. He's a different boy when his little brother is not around for him to pick on. We went swimming, to the zoo, out to dinner, etc. And he got to ride on a big charter bus to and from the zoo. I think that was his favorite part! He was one tired little boy at the end of our short trip. But we are so glad we had the chance to spend some quality time with our oldest "little man". (No pictures yet since I used a disposable camera.)

- I've been interviewing for jobs. Haven't been hired yet, but hoping to land one soon. I was in the final two of a company last week, and have a phone interview this week for something that I'm pretty excited about. Keep your fingers crossed! :)

- And, last but not least, Jake started walking on Father's Day! Here's a quick video from last night:

That's about it in a nutshell. I will hopefully be able to post more frequently. I can't wait until the first week of August when school is done!! And Jake's FIRST BIRTHDAY is August 3! YEAH!!! Until then ... hope all is well with you! :)

Friday, February 27, 2009

The Sky is Falling!

I'm actually updating our blog!! Yeah!

So sorry for the long delay in updating this. Much has changed in the past few weeks.

The major changes in a nutshell:

- Brian has lost 20 pounds! (I started a Body Boot Camp on Jan. 5 so we decided to start eating better.) I'm so proud of him -- and lucky to have such a supportive spouse who helped me through this 8-week program!

- I have lost 11 pounds, 7+ inches and gained some muscle. Anyone up for a gun show? I can give you one! My last actual day of Boot Camp was today and I'm sad it's over. I'm about halfway to my goal. The next boot camp starts in May and I can't wait!! In the meantime I plan to train for the Drake Relays half-marathon and Dam to Dam. And now that I've written it on this blog I HAVE to follow through! :)

- My territory for work has grown fairly large (we've had 3 rounds of layoffs since August, so although I'm fortunate to still have a job, my area has grown to compensate for those who were let go ... hence one of the reasons for my absenteeism on this blog!).

- Sam is truly a joy although sometimes he'd rather be a naughty big brother. He is a very sweet little boy who is quick with a hug and kiss and constantly makes us laugh. He loves to say "Idea!" and then proceed to tell us his next grand plan. Some of his favorites include playing catch and lining up and playing with his Matchbox cars. Tonight he was watching TV with Brian while I made supper. He asked if Brian would like to share his blanket. Brian said "no, thank you". To which Sam replied, "good job saying no thank you, Daddy!"

- Jake is movin' and a shakin' like no other! He's army-crawling everywhere and is starting to get up on all fours. His first two teeth are just around the corner, too, as both of his bottom teeth are starting to poke through.

That's about it from here. Sorry to take so long in posting. Hope all is well and I'll try to update this more often. :)

Wednesday, January 14, 2009


And here I am again, two weeks later! (Told you I wasn't going to make any resolutions I couldn't keep!) The past month has been a little crazy.

Here are a few videos from the last week ...

Friday, January 2, 2009

Happy New Year!

Once again it's been more than two weeks since I've updated this. Time just gets away from us! We switched daycares in early December, and that's taken a little toll on the family -- especially me! Instead of traveling too far for work, I stayed close to home these past few weeks just in case anything came up at the daycare. It's going pretty well; Sam seems to have fun and likes his new buddies. But I am still struggling with thoughts of staying home versus working. We'll see what 2009 brings ...

We celebrated Christmas and family A LOT this year: Knoll side Dec. 19-21; a surprise b-day party for Grandma Yori's 80th on the 21st; Casey's 13th birthday on the 23rd; Christmas Eve at Grandma & Grandpa Yori's; Christmas morning at home followed by lunch at Grandma & Grandpa Edmondson's. Another Christmas for the Burchland family was scheduled for the 27th and was postponed until the 28th due to bad weather. We ended up missing that because Jake was still feeling a bit under the weather. (He had a cold/flu for a few days but I think we're mainly all healthy again!)

And speaking of 2009 ... hope you all had a fun New Year's Eve! We stayed home with the boys and were up by 5:45 the next morning! Happy New Year!! :)

Here are a few pics and videos from the past few weeks ... hope you had Happy Holidays and we look forward to a happy and healthy 2009! Hopefully I'll update this more often, but I'm not making any resolutions I can't keep! :)